Creativity – Seeing the Light and Moving Forward

Creativity isn’t about tools, it’s about process and vision. Sometimes I have to consciously return to stone age art: berry dye, charcoal, melted fat, ground rock dabbed on a cave wall; telling stories, important to me, my family, my community and the Creator. Lose that vision and I risk being washed away in a sea of materialism.

Finding personal stillness to see an image in the minds eye, and then striving to recreate it is my challenge.  As an artist I struggle to interpret meaning, texture and detail. In this dance I try to balance the material and the creative, the bloodied hunt for the woolly mammoth and warm fire-lit cave painting. To do both things I need focus.

In every beginning there is an end. Rural schools has been a great learning experience. But, it is time to move on. One of the challenges of social media is to stay focused, or as they say in the business “to define your brand”. To this end I have decided to integrate a new website and blog under the name of OakesMedia. This will allow me to concentrate on developing my personal, artistic and professional interests. Therefore this will be the last post for Rural Schools. I thank all those who have stopped by to see what I was up to, hopefully I can take what was learned here and use it as a base to push creative boundaries.


One response to “Creativity – Seeing the Light and Moving Forward

  1. Your post reminded me of the time when, deeply immersed in my graduate studies, I spent an afternoon painting. I’d been absorbed (and struggling) with formal inquiries on how to integrate technology into my practice. I let myself step out of the teacher role for a moment and started to paint, just for me, and the creativity kicked in and I lost myself, and an afternoon, creating a beautiful, simple painting. That painting, while simple and, I’m sure to most who see it, nothing extraordinary, signifies so much to me. It represents the messiness of art, the tactile feel of wet paint, the creative flow of letting oneself go and just be in the moment. I’ve kept that piece on my office wall to remind me that while art education can be enhanced by all sorts of cool technology, at it’s essence it’s messy, and satisfying, and simple.

    Good luck with your new site! The direction you’re heading in makes so much sense. And, as a nod to you, there was a heart-to-heart conversation overhead the other day, in which one of your students explained, in very thorough detail, the idea of global warming in words that the seven year he was talking to completely understood.

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