A Refugee from Fire

Reason to Evacuate

It is summer and there is time to regroup technologically. Through a series of happy coincidences I now have a Macbook Pro, iPod Touch, JVC 100u and a the Final Cut Studio Three to explore. It is enough to make my head spin. Learning how to use Final Pro will take years. Hopefully the creative output will be worth the time and expense.

My learning has been interrupted because the town where I live, Lillooet, has been evacuated. Wild fire threatens from three sides and we have all been forced to leave. Our family is fortunate to have accommodating family to stay with, others are not so lucky. For all of us there is a disquieting sense of being refugees.

Global warming may be playing a contributing role in our community’s drama. We are seeing unprecedented drought combined with high temperatures. The forests are littered with dead pine trees caused by winters too warm to kill the pine beetles infesting them. Our glaciers around Lillooet are disappearing at an alarming rate. Access to clean drinking water is a hot topic in many communities, including my own. Supplies dwindle as issues of access and cost loom larger. We live in interesting times.

What does this have to do with the bundle of new technology that I have to learn? Well it is about purpose. Social sustainability, environmental integrity and Web 2.0’s ability to promote these issues are what I intend to focus on over the coming months, both in creative productions and blogging. In the mean time when I wait hopefully to return to a home still intact I will explore mobile computing.


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